In this video, we’ll talk about the top 8 common sounds cats make and explain the meaning behind them. When cats make sounds, they’re trying to communicate an emotion or desire. Some cat noises indicate contentment and happiness, while others reflect fear, worry, or even anger. Hissing Contrary to popular belief, hissing is a normal
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10 Unusual Cat Behaviors Explained Our feline friends are known for many things. Being cute and cuddly (sometimes), their long siestas, as well as their classic roles in pest control. However, most cat owners know that these animals also elegantly straddle the line between “mysterious” and “outright weird”. Get ready to have your mind blown
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Click here to read this article: The nastiness of spraying is far higher than normal cat urine and usually gets deposited everywhere including on your sofa, bed, floor, chair, and near doors and windows. This is the case even among trained cats because a cat does not restrict its spraying to its litter box.
Have you ever wondered how Rosie does it? Do you want to train your very own adventure cat? We’ve compiled some of our best tips for handling your cat and being safe out on your daily adventures! Please like and comment about your own experiences/tips/tricks! Thank you for watching! Hit the SUBSCRIBE button to our
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