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Cats don’t really have owners, they have staff. Cat Island – Adorable Paws – Meow

These cats will never see you as an owner. Because in the eyes of cats, you are just a staff. I can’t imagine a world without cats. Cats are bundles of love, wrapped in a fur coat. Are you one of those who say that they can never live without cats? Let’s visit the world of cats, namely the island of cats. They’re not just stray cats, they’re my children.

Istanbul is known as the “City of Cats” and sometimes referred to as “Catstanbul.” Hundreds of thousands of cats have roamed the metropolis for millenniums. The city’s streets are lined with food and water bowls and small cat houses placed by residents in a communal effort to look after street cats.

The sound cats make while eating. Could it be the most relaxing and soothing voice in the world? Watching cute cats eating cat food with their paws can be the most beautiful sight in the world. Unbelievably cute hungry tabby cats purr and meow while eating. Adorable Paws – Pure Love

A stray cat’s cry for help on a cold day with heavy snow:

Homeless man sharing his bed and pillow with stray cats:

You can watch videos of the cats – kittens we rescued from the street and adopted. In addition, we help many stray animals in our country in terms of feeding, housing, sterilization and treatment. You can support us by watching videos of thousands of animals in need of help.

➡The motto of our channel: Love, feed, neuter and protect animals. ”TNR” – “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

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