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Mother Cat and Kitten Came to Our Garage We’ll Look After Them

We love, care and cater to Homeless Street Dogs, Cats and Kittens. Just Watch and Like to support us. You can click the Super Thanks button under this video if you want to help us feed street animals which have needed more help since the start of pandemic in 2020. I am an animal lover teacher who has been teaching English in Turkey for 30 years. Me, my wife, my kids, my friends, my neighbors and my students have been taking care of homeless street cats and dogs in our area for years. We regulary feed dogs, cats and their kittens around the city. We take them to the vet whenever they need treatment and get flea medicine and vaccines done. By watching our videos you will encourage and support us to try harder and look after more street animals. Animals need our help they cannot live without help. 無家可歸的貓 lustige Katzenvideos und süße obdachlose Katzen,
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