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Try to save life of newborn abandoned kitten

Today we got a new born kitten just a few days old.He cannot eat or drink by himself. If we don’t take care of him, he won’t survive.

We were doing street feeding and a girl came and handed over this kitten to us.We apologized to her that we do not take kittens, we only do street feeding.

The girl requested us to keep this kitten. She said that she goes to work, she can’t take care of him.
We wanted to give food to the rest of the cats and then feed him milk, but he was making noise. We thought we would feed her first and feed the other cats later.

The girl also told that the cat had given birth to three kittens in our house. She took two kittens with her and left this kitten at our house. That girl was taking care of him for two or three days. It is becoming very difficult for us to work. It is very difficult to keep lots of kittens in a small home based centre.

We have already 16 kittens available for adoption. Those who want to adopt are requested to contact us by email. Our main work is street feeding. If more kittens are collected, we have to spend a lot of time at home due to which the rest of the work is affected.

We were feeding him milk. Cats were waiting for their food. The kitten needed cleaning. We cleaned him up. If you want to see our daily street feeding videos, you can follow us on Instagram. Link is in bio.

When Luna saw the kitten she was very happy and took the kitten in her mouth to the couch.Luna is a very nice cat, she welcomes guests very well.

Jasmine cat was getting jealous seeing this kitten.
Jasmine Cat saw him and got angry.
Poppy cat is already feeding her kittens and other kittens now she will not be able to adopt the new kitten.
We request you that if anyone has a foster cat in Punjab, they should give it to us so that we can adopt this kitten.You can contact us through email

We do street feeding everyday. We feel very happy while doing street feeding.We believe that when you make others happy, it makes you happy.
When these animals thank us with their eyes, this scene is a source of happiness for us.

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