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How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth | Vet Tutorial

***DISCLAIMER*** PLEASE DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE. Dr. Greenway references the use of toothpaste but does not specify the type that should be used. DO NOT use human toothpaste as the the fluoride is toxic to cats and dogs. Instead we recommend an enzymatic toothpaste for cats with a VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) seal as they have been rigorously tested and are proven to be effective.

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Dr. Greenway discusses the process of brushing a cat’s teeth. In this video we discuss dental disease, tooth decay, enzymatic toothpaste, antibacterial, daily brushing, neck lesions, cavity, gingivitis, when to perform a cleaning, general anesthesia, blood work, the heart, scaling, polishing, prophy, tooth assessment, dental X-rays, oral infections and tooth decay.


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