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11 Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat

Can cats eat chicken? What about bananas? Blueberries and bread? Stay tuned to find out which human foods are safe for cats.

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Intro – 0:00
Salmon – 00:37
Chicken – 01:16
Oatmeal – 01:50
Bananas – 02:29
Bread – 03:05
Blueberries – 03:40
Turkey – 04:16
Peas – 04:54
Spinach – 05:44
Egg – 06:18
Carrots – 06:51
Fish oil – 07:25
Fresh fruit – 08:06


1. Salmon
Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and is one of the best brain boosting foods for humans. But, what about cats? Well, it’s a nutritious and delicious food that your feline will love! Giving them a piece of salmon would make for the perfect treat. There are some precautions you need to follow in order to give them a healthy yummy meal.

2. Chicken
Chicken is popular among humans, and rightly so, they’re cheap, easily available, packed with protein and can be cooked in any style. Do you see your cat begging for the chicken you’re eating? Maybe it’s time for you to share some!

3. Oatmeal
Oats are super healthy for humans as their list of nutritional values goes on and on. This may make you wonder if it’s safe for your pet. There are several oatmeal based cat foods available but nothing can match the freshness and deliciousness of homemade oatmeal.

4. Bananas
Humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy the benefits of a banana. We know that they’re rich sources of potassium but did you know that they make for an excellent cat snack? Although this may seem a bit strange you can easily replace highly processed treats for a banana.

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